ODIN Brown Cotton Undertunic : Medieval Viking Renaissance Reenactment Mens Undertunic. (ODIN Brown Cotton Undertunic)

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ODIN Brown Cotton Undertunic : Medieval Viking Renaissance Reenactment  Mens Undertunic.


History and Features of ODIN cotton undertunic :

Our medieval and Viking undertunic ‘ODIN, made of coarse Linen-look Cotton Canvas, is a basic tunic for women and men from the early to high middle ages.

This long cotton undertunic is loose fitting so as to ensure comfort and flexibility, but it also clings close enough to the skin to allow a tunic to be worn over it.

Long sleeve and straight cut shape with a round neck and slit at the neck and the slits on both hem sides give comfort when wearing and flexible movement.

Its V-neck design makes it easy to pair with a wide variety of medieval overshirts.

This tunic also comes with long sleeves, so it is sure to keep you warm whether you are at a Renaissance fair or exploring Vinland. The ODIN Viking Undertunic has many colour options, allowing you to boldly show off your varied wardrobe at your next medieval reenactment.


Material : 100% Natural Pure Cotton Linenlook CANVAS.

Stock sizes : S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL

Care and Cleaning :  Hand Wash or Machine wash at 30 degrees. Low Iron if Necessary

Leather beltNot included.




  • Inspired by medieval viking undertunics
  • Fits loosely over the body for comfort and flexibility
  • Stylish V-Neck design allows for easy wearing under a variety of medieval tunics
  • Long sleeves are great for cool weather
  • Sides are slitted for ease of movement
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs and medieval  Viking reenactments


Occasions :  This ODIN  undertunic  is suitable for many occasions, including Halloween theme party,  Pirate cosplay party, heritage festival,medieval theme party, Medieval Viking  Renaissance fair, renaissance medieval Viking weddings,parade float, Halloween cosplay,cosplay party.

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