Linopressmachine A3-T.Blue-Standart (Linopressmachine A3-T.Blue-Standart)

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Linopressmachine - A3-T.Blue   - Customizable Hand Linopress Machine, linopress linocut print lino cut press, Print making press, Relief Printing Press, Lino press

AWAILABLE SIZES FOR Linopressmachine :

A3 SIZE : 11.7 x 16.5 inches (29.7 x 42 cm) - 36 mm thick waterproof plywood
A4 SIZE : 8.5 x 11.7 inches (21.5 x 29.7 cm) - 30 mm thick waterproof plywood
A5 SIZE : 6.0 x 8.3 inches (15.2 x 21 cm) - 18 mm thick waterproof plywood

WoodLinopressShop STOCK COLOURS
Black, Burgundy, Tardis Blue


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STOCK SIZES FOR Linopressmachine 
• A3: 11.7 x 16.5 inches. It is an ideal machine for those who want to print larger than A4 size. 36 mm thick waterproof plywood is used.
• A4: 8.5 x 11.7 inches. It is suitable for lino press cutting in A4 and US letter sizes. 30 mm thick waterproof plywood is used.
• A5: 6.0 x 8.3 inches. Although it is a useful lino printer that is both economical and space-saving, you will get the print quality you want in A5 size. 18 mm thick waterproof plywood is used.

Our Linopressmachines are available in a variety of sizes, including A3 lino press, A4 linopress and even A5 lino press are made of high-quality powder-coated stainless steel metal for durability and longevity.
Our Linopressmachines are perfect for relief printing, block linoleum printing, linocut, and woodcut, among other printmaking techniques. Whether you're a seasoned printmaker or just starting out, our linopress is sure to meet your needs.

Our Linopressmachines are designed to provide even pressure for optimal quality in the reproduction of prints, making them perfect for relief printing, lino cut prints, etchings, woodcuts, and much more.
OurLinopressmachines are made of durable powder coated stainless steel that can withstand up to 1 mm of bending and warping, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. The base and top plates are made of water-resistant 18mm and 36mm thick plywood, respectively, and are powder coated with high-quality and stylish first-class metal paints. First-class rubber is used at the underside of the lino pres to prevent friction, ensuring smooth and efficient printing.

Our Linopressmachines are suitable for all high-pressure techniques, making them perfect for student projects, home studios, and professional and college use.
They are lightweight, portable, and take various thicknesses of blocks as there is no fixed press setting. The press has four holes in the base of the frame, enabling the user to screw it down to a fixed table for extra stability.

Our Linopressmachines are completed by hand and quality-checked before being sent to you. They are powder-coated to resist high UV radiation levels, high humidity range, temperature changes, and harsh weather conditions. We also send a felt printing cover with the product so that you can stick it on the top plate.

The four bottom corners of the product are covered with leather to prevent scratching your table, and we include four plastic feet together with the product for mounting under the product.
At our shop, we offer a range of lino presses to suit your specific needs, including A3 size lino presses, A4 size lino presess, A5 size linopreses .
But that's not all! We also offer FREE laser engraving services, allowing you to customize your linopress with your name, logo, or even a family picture. It's the perfect way to make your linopress truly your own, or to create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

We also offer a special price for multiple lino press purchases and we have also A5 size lino presses at sweet colours suitable for school children.

In summary, our lino presses are the perfect way to take the next step in enhancing your home studio or taking your relief, etching, and lino prints further. They are safe, efficient, and versatile, making them ideal for artists, students, and professionals alike. Order yours today and experience the joy of high-quality, hand-printed artwork.

DETAILD INTRODUCTION OF A3, A4, A5 and 19'' SIZES Linopressmachine  

The A3 size lino press has a printing bed that measures 11.7 x 16.5 inches, which is the standard size for A3 paper. This makes it ideal for printing larger artworks or multiple prints on a single sheet
The A4 size lino press has a printing bed that measures 8.3 x 11.7 inches, which is the standard size for A4 paper. This makes it a versatile option for printing smaller artworks or details within a larger print.
The A5 size lino press has a printing bed that measures 5.8 x 8.3 inches, which is the standard size for A5 paper. This makes it ideal for printing small artworks or experimenting with different designs and techniques.

All of these presses feature sturdy handles and adjustable pressure settings, allowing you to control the amount of pressure applied to the printing bed. This helps you achieve the desired depth and clarity of your prints, whether you're using thin or thick paper, or experimenting with different inks and textures. Overall, this set of lino presses is a reliable and high-quality tool for artists and printmakers who want to create intricate and detailed linocut prints with ease and precision. Their different sizes make them versatile options for a range of projects and spaces.

Take your relief printing, linocut, and book press projects to the next level with our high-quality lino press.

➔ Constructed from durable powdercoated stainless steel, our lino press can handle up to 1mm of bending and warping.
➔ We use water-resistant 18mm and 36mm thick plywood for our products to ensure they last.
➔ Our lino press is coated with top-of-the-line metal paints, resulting in a stylish and high-quality finish.
➔ We use first-class rubber to minimize friction and ensure efficient operation.
➔ Lightweight and portable, our lino press is affordable and easy to transport.
➜ Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, our lino press is perfect for professional and college use.
➜ The ideal addition to any home studio, our lino press accommodates various thicknesses of blocks.
➜ The frame has four holes in the base, allowing for easy screw-down installation on any stable surface.
➔ Our lino press also features plastic feet to prevent scratches and protect any mounting surface.

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