ANNA : Red - Medieval Viking Wool Apron Dress (Anna Red)

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ANNA Red : Medieval Viking Wool Apron Dress

History and Features of Viking Apron Dress ANNA : This apron overdress is recognizable and well-known part of Viking's costume. We made the pattern and produced this Viking’s age apron a little bit more complicated to make a skirt wider and provide a better fit. All these carefully designed accents will make your image expressive and unique and will make you feel like a northern lady.

Dress Material :  20% Wool, 60% Polyacrylic, 20% Polyester. Thick but very soft and flowing

The Material is woven double-sided in a special historical pattern, whereby the wool is woven flat on the inside like cotton and doesn't itch. Hence, it can be worn by people with sensitive skin. It is also thick but very soft and flowing



Model Sizes ( cm) : Chest : 96 cm, Waist : 84 cm, Length : 160 cm

Model Sizes ( inch ) : Chest : 37.79 inch, Waist : 33, Length : 63 cm

Model wearing size : XL


Reqular sizes : XS/S - M/L - XL/2XL - 3XL/4XL

Plus sizes : 5XL/6XL - 7XL/8XL - 9XL/10XL


Care and Washing : Hand wash or machine wash at 30°C. no dryer, low Iron if necessary

Occasions:  This FREYA Underdress is suitable for many occasions, including Halloween theme party,  Pirate cosplay party, heritage festival,medieval theme party, Medieval Viking Renaissance fair, renaissance medieval Viking weddings, Viking parties, parade float, Halloween, and cosplay parties

Matched with Removable Belt Not included. You can buy it separately.

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