Shipping Information:


  • If all items on your order are in stock, we will ship your order in the same day or next business day.
  • Express orders : No need to spend money more for express orders, because, we ship in the same day or next day by FEDEX EXPRESS , so you will get it in 3 days.
  • Out of stock orders :  If one or more of the items on your order are out of stock,  then we can produce your order and send you in the next day, as we are the producers of the items we sell. We are not a reseller or dropshipper.
  • You can arrange to receive multiple orders by selecting during checkout or by contacting our customer service.
  • We do not ship any orders at weekends.
  • NOTE : Please check for emails from us. We can contact you by email regarding your order. We will also send your tracking information by email once your order ships.


Delivery Information:

  • We do not need signature for most orders. We may need  signature for for orders over $1.000 Shipments 
  • All your orders are delivered within 3 to 5 business days based on your location (for US customers), 1 to 3 business days (for EU customers)
  • We do not ship at weekends.
  • Please check and inspect your order to ensure you are satisfied  with your purchase When you received your package. if there is anything wrong, then contact us directly  via [email protected]  so we can correct any issues.
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